Fishing in Dahlonega: Best Spots and Tips

Dahlonega, nestled in the North Georgia mountains, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy fishing. With its pristine lakes, rivers, and streams, Dahlonega offers a variety of fishing experiences for both novice and experienced anglers. When planning your fishing adventure, consider staying at Copper Mines Lodge, a spacious 10-room short-term rental that provides the perfect home base for your fishing excursions. Here’s a guide to the best fishing spots in Dahlonega and some tips to make your trip a success.

1. Yahoola Creek

Best For: Trout

Yahoola Creek is a popular spot for trout fishing, especially during the spring and fall when the Georgia Department of Natural Resources stocks the creek with rainbow and brown trout. The clear, cool waters of Yahoola Creek provide an ideal habitat for trout, making it a favorite among local anglers.


  • Gear: Light to medium tackle with artificial lures or live bait such as worms and crickets.
  • Best Time to Fish: Early morning or late afternoon.
  • Access: There are several access points along Yahoola Creek Park, making it convenient for a quick fishing trip.

2. Chestatee River

Fisherman using rod fly fishing in river morning sunrise banner.

Best For: Bass, Trout

The Chestatee River is another excellent fishing destination in Dahlonega, offering a mix of bass and trout. The river’s diverse habitat includes deep pools, riffles, and runs, providing a variety of fishing opportunities.


  • Gear: Medium tackle for bass, light tackle for trout. Spinnerbaits and soft plastics work well for bass, while trout respond to flies and small lures.
  • Best Time to Fish: Spring and fall for trout; summer for bass.
  • Access: Public access is available at several points along the river, including Lumpkin County Park.

3. Lake Zwerner

Best For: Bass, Bream, Catfish

Lake Zwerner, also known as the Yahoola Reservoir, is a beautiful 25-acre lake located just a short drive from downtown Dahlonega. The lake is well-stocked with bass, bream, and catfish, making it a great spot for a relaxing day of fishing.


  • Gear: Medium to heavy tackle with a variety of baits, including worms, minnows, and artificial lures.
  • Best Time to Fish: Early morning and evening during the warmer months.
  • Access: There is a public boat ramp and fishing pier, as well as ample shoreline access for bank fishing.

4. Etowah River

Best For: Bass, Catfish

The Etowah River, winding through the scenic North Georgia landscape, offers excellent fishing for bass and catfish. The river’s calm waters and abundant fish population make it a favorite for both bank fishing and boat fishing.


  • Gear: Medium to heavy tackle for catfish, medium tackle for bass. Live bait such as shad and worms are effective.
  • Best Time to Fish: Late spring through early fall.
  • Access: Public access points are available at various locations, including parks and boat ramps.

5. Dick’s Creek

Best For: Trout

For those seeking a more secluded fishing experience, Dick’s Creek is an ideal spot. This remote stream is known for its clear waters and healthy population of wild trout. The creek offers a peaceful and scenic setting, perfect for fly fishing enthusiasts.


  • Gear: Light tackles with flies, small spinners, and live bait.
  • Best Time to Fish: Early morning or late afternoon, particularly in the spring and fall.
  • Access: Access is more challenging, requiring a hike, but the pristine environment makes it worthwhile.

Fishing Permits and Regulations

Before you head out to fish in Dahlonega, ensure you have the appropriate fishing permits. In Georgia, anglers aged 16 and older must have a valid fishing license. You can purchase a license online through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website or at local retailers. Additionally, familiarize yourself with local fishing regulations, including catch limits and any seasonal restrictions.

Stay at Copper Mines Lodge

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Dahlonega’s rich fishing opportunities and beautiful landscapes make it a top destination for anglers. Whether you’re fishing for trout in Yahoola Creek, casting for bass in Lake Zwerner, or exploring the serene waters of Dick’s Creek, there’s something for everyone. And with Copper Mines Lodge as your home base, you’ll have the perfect place to rest and recharge after a day on the water. Happy fishing!